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Randy Morin Arrowhead Necklace

Randy Morin Arrowhead Necklace

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\According to the Cree belief, the Arrowhead or “atos” pronounced “Uh Dos” is a relative that brings protection and guidance.  Each necklace has been smudged with sacred plants and infused with good thoughts, intentions, and energy to bring peace, health, protection, and guidance to the person wearing it.  Ekosi.  Hiy hiy.\"

Randy Morin crafts these arrowheads of stone and steel. Each piece is handmade and varies in colour and shape. Pendant measures approximately 6cm, length of the chain is 30cm. 

Randy Morin is from Big River First Nation. He is a faculty member in the University of Saskatchewan's Department of Indigenous Studies and is passionate advocate for the Cree language and Indigenous culture.


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